Groom Surprises Bride With Ring | St Louis Wedding Photography

As the story goes… Jerry and Jennifer were out looking at wedding rings.  Jen really wanted a second wedding band to go with her already gorgeous engagement ring. What girl wouldn’t right?  Well, apparently, Jerry said, “no way! Maybe for our anniversary honey”. So fast forward an entire year of planning and engagement photos to arrive on Jen & Jerry’s wedding day!  Jerry proceeds to pull me aside with his “plan”! See…. that very same day over a year ago, in the store picking out their wedding rings, Jerry bought that second band!!! How he kept it a secret only he knows, but he did!  Now we just had to plan the moment.  Jerry was to give me the “heads up” by asking to do a photograph of their wedding rings while shooting bridal party photos in Carondelet Park.  And when he did…. that’s when I started clicking off photos like there was no tomorrow! I don’t have to tell you how excited and surprised Jen was… just have a look for yourself! Here’s to Jerry for pulling off the most incredible surprise for his beautiful bride!